Reading and Links


1d4chan - A wiki for all things /tg/.

Wikichan - /tg/ - A site full of ORIGINAL CONTENT for /tg/. IT'S DEEEAD - An IRC network where many players on /tg/ host and play games.


Adventuring Items! - A thread of common starting equipment loadouts to help players get through the equipment step.

Campaign Smashers - The WoTC CharOp board's greatest and most terrifying creations, including Pun-Pun and the Hulking Hurler.

Epic IRC and Gaming Logs


Meet Colin. Colin is one of the worst DMs that ever lived.


Something Awful plays a Succession game of Dwarf Fortress.

Old Threads

Saved /tg/ threads before the archival system was implemented. I'll enter these into the archive eventually...

Thread Description
Noh A party encounters a construct and does something rather unexpected.
Greatest Campaign Memories What's your favorite campaign story?
In the year 2056... The year 2056 is a fucked up time and place to be.
Abaddon's Tryouts for the Terrible Guys Abaddon the Despoiler tries to host villain tryouts for /tg/. >:3
Pet Peeves A collection of DM and player pet peeves.
Pet Peeves 2: Electric Boogalo The opposite of the original Pet Peeves thread: What annoying habits do you have while playing or DMing?
10 Characters, 10 Campaigns Dagda's thread of epic campaigns and characters. His blog post is here.
Terminator d20 An epic Anon stats the Terminators and the Heroes from all three movies.