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May 2023
5638663Paranomal Crossdressing School, Part 1Denied the peace in death, Yui Nakamura once again proves his name is NOT yet Aki...Girl(male), Trap, RESistance, Escape, Cosmic Horror, 'Innsmouth' People, Trap-On-Trap Yaoi, Quasi-Yuri!2023-05-28 0 
5641798The Fall of HyruleMatthias soldier of Hyrule begins his career in a most unexpected wayFall of Hyrule, Legend of Zelda2023-05-28 1 
5646219Awakened Diversion #01Our amnesiac protagonist awakens on a strange island, meets a nice girl, and OP dies but promises to return.Zelda2023-05-27 1 
5636870NOW HIRING: Still Another Facility Management Quest #2In a facility by the false ocean shores, the Manager showboats for a shrimp farm, we talk with Ed, and a centipede knight is captured. Manager, Collective Game, Facility Management, Anomaly, Lobotomy Corporation, Alphabet Soup, Reboot2023-05-27 1 
5642742Night Without StarsMultiplayer adventure with a focus on exploration and dice mechanics.Fantasy, Quest, Drawquest, Multiplayer, Dice, Dungeon, Wizard2023-05-27 1 
5673343Claymore: Second Swords Quest #78PivotClaymore, Collective Game, AU2023-05-26 1 
5673330Shinobi Sidestory Quest #49Back to the FutureCollective Game, Naruto, AU, SSQ2023-05-26 1 
5645862Space Janissary Quest I You are the Rookie, a scout in the Imperial Janissary Legion, the elite special forces of the Aerylthic Empire, deployed to Alawkabash.Space Janissary, Space Janissary Quest, Collective Game, Sci-Fi, Military, Caste, Legion2023-05-26 2 
5647515Constructing a Slave Harem in Your AtelierA reclusive and perverted artificer retires to a private seaside tower to make constructs he can fuck. It is more complicated than expected.Artificer, NotArtificer, adopted quest, coom, harem, fantasy, adventure2023-05-26 0 
5663591Evolution Tabletop: Digital WorldEvolution Tabletop returns with a new look. This time, it takes place within a virtual world, with a cast of 10. Evogame, Collective Game, Skirmish, Evolution, PVP2023-05-25 1 
5636434One Punch Man: A Monster Nobody Knows…Play as the unfortunate guy who ended up becoming a monster in the OPM universe. Can you survive before the heroes get to you ?Gyoro Gyoro, Gyoro Gyoro QM, OPM, One Punch Man, Monster2023-05-25 0 
5636366Final Girl Quest - Chapter IVThe carnage at the Hughes House is broken up by the arrival of an alcoholic rookie cop and her trusty canine companion.Final Girl Quest, Collective Game, Horror, Slasher Movie, Teen Drama, '80s, Female Protagonist, Violence, Gore, Strong Language, NC-172023-05-24 0 
5638690Air Wing Commander Quest. #8Wrapping up a chat with Ermengardis, the winter stalemate of the war on the western front, and a special operation for a bomber.Air Wing Quest, Biplanes, Aircraft, Strategy, Collective Game, Great War,2023-05-23 1 
5654217Archimedean Quest: IIIn which a great War starts, a noble Lady enjoys a Leisure Cruise, receives a Piece of Jewellery, and has to deal with a boarding Action.Archimedean, Alchymy, Steam Powered Flying Battleships, Airships, The Great Game, Secret Despatches, Gallivanting with our Tits out2023-05-21 3 
5633100Office fox Part 2Office fox continues Slice of life2023-05-21 0 
5637254Dragon Ball Tuffle Quest Kai #45The trio resumes training as Peppa and Izzy plan out some new adventures!Collective Game, Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Tuffle, Tuffle Quest, Kai, Kato2023-05-21 3 
5637501The Mystery Dungeons #17LHG, in pursuit of the past, defies the words of a legendary—soon finding this mystery goes deeper than they thought.The Mystery Dungeons, Collective Game, Pokemon, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon2023-05-20 0 
5636950Dragon Ball Origins#4Koku disappeared and in his place the warriors of light came to being. Late April Fools gig. Dragonball, Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Origins, DBZ, Collective Game, Martial Arts, Shonen, Tuffle, KokuGM2023-05-20 0 
5637220Chrono Trigger: Frozen Moment #6Gaius watches a video or two and leaves Arris DomeChronoQM, Chrono Trigger, Frozen Moment, Time Travel2023-05-20 4 
5632128Hexpedition - Archives of Intention [Part 1]Eager Pups playhunt for intrigue. Scheduling conflicts spoil well-lain plans. Siphoned starlight strains a shell of steel and sigilry.Skirmish Quest, Collective Game, SKETCHER, Art?, Skirmish Sketch, Hexpedition2023-05-20 1 
5636145Ring Grandpa: A Cultivation Quest #4 The situation grows worse in Fogtop and conflict arises both within and without.xianxia, wuxia, weak to strong, fantasy, collective game, cultivation, Ring Grandpa, sci-fi, aliens2023-05-20 3 
5630121True Alt History (part 1)the beginning of a truly counterfactual historyAlternate History, Fictional Races, Civilization, Roleplay2023-05-20 1 
5627757The Goblin King is Bored!The goblins find a Magi-horror inside a giant tortoise leg, bully a witch in Mad Enchanted Forest Hiddledink and voyage on the Metal Ur-seaGoblins, Collective Game, Total Goblin Death, Labyrinth-like goblins, Roguelite, Fantasy, Folklore, Fae, Steller, Neigh2023-05-16 2 
5656095ANGY /civ/ REBIRTH QUESTANGY POV Character Tries to Fix Civilization Games While Listening To Voices In His HeadCivilization Game, Collective Game, Ironic, Iron Age, ANGY2023-05-16 0 
5635719Batquest Annotations Part 3Annotations for the Kobra arc of Batquest conclude. Batman, DC Comics, Superhero, Collective Game, Batquest, Annotations, The Hypercrisis Bro2023-05-16 1 
5627299Mechanicus Primarch Quest 15The Horus Heresy begins. TalOS becomes the Omnissiah. Perturabo is sent to Lucius and TalOS goes to rescue Mars from the traitors. Collective Game, WH40K, Warhammer, Primarch, Forge World, Techpriest, TalOS DAV1S, The Machine QM, Acillian, Skitarii, Titan, Pariah2023-05-15 5 
5654967A Tale of Monsters - Repose (55)A well-earned vacation full of events, preludes to inevitable upheavals.Monstergirls, Lots of Dialogues, Lore, male protagonist, Tale of Monsters,2023-05-15 0 
5662933Saiyan Conqueror Quest 196The fated rematch between Tanya and Chaya begins, the two women giving their all in the fight of their livesSaiyan Conqueror Quest, GrandDragonQM, SCQ, GDQM, Saiyan, Karn, DBZ, /qst/,2023-05-14 2 
5663865Sira won’t be running a brothel!A brothel keeper confronts his past.drawquest, renaissance fantasy, Schizo QM, SEA inspired mythology, brothel management2023-05-14 14 
5648291Star Wars: Stellar Turmoil QuestA young boy begins his journey to become a Jedi in a new eraCollective Game, Star Wars, Stellar Turmoil, Autism2023-05-14 1 
5626318Heretic Cultivator Quest 13Huanliuxue slays an eater of corpses, meets her long dead sister reunites her adopted family and plans the downfall of their enemiesHeretic Cultivator Quest, Xianxia, Chinese Fantasy, Cultivation, Wuxia, Collective Game, Quest, Our-Grandfather2023-05-14 5 
5647273NeckBiterQuest 1A boy starts his (un)life as a vampire, and discovers new things about his world. NeckBiterQuest, NBQM, Vampires, Modern, Fantasy2023-05-13 3 
5624062Local Lord Quest VIIICharles de Villeroi sees his count's court, leaves his beloved lady, catches criminals and goes back to Local.Medieval, Mudcore, Fantasy2023-05-13 4 
5625863Matsuno Inc. Idol Agency #1Trip to a hot spring, new idols, new developmentsManagement, Japan, Idols, Collective Game2023-05-13 5 
5652730Do Your Best Quest #150Johnny forms a band (of idiots)!collective game, drawquest, slice of life, supernatural, Do Your Best2023-05-13 7 
5627815Maximum Spider Quest #11The Desperados take a trip to Las Vegas and get wrapped up in the affairs of "The Family"---a powerful crime syndicate.Max Spider Quest, Action/Adventure, Slice of Life, Marvel Comics, Crime Thriller, Crime Drama, Sci-Fi2023-05-11 3 
5623520In the Land of Cotton: A Confederate Magical Girl Quest A flying magical girl and her squad start their fight in the American Civil War before the QM calls for a pause.Collective Game, Magical Girl, Alt-History, Wide Pride2023-05-11 0 
5621721Goblin Chieftain QuestAknag is the elected as chieftain of the Lugbod goblin tribe and leads them to greatness.Goblin Chieftain, Goblin, Tribe, Fantasy, Resource management, Collective game2023-05-11 1 
5624385Fate City Akeldama 7A few preparations are made, then the battle against Sun Wukong and his allies beginsFate, Akeldama, Urban Fantasy, Low Speed Anti Divine QM2023-05-11 0 
5626225Rise of the Awakened #5Shopping, logistics&dragons, and finances are finally put in order, the truth about Lanesboro is revealed, the party fights an owlbear.Collective Game, DnD 5E, Rise of the Awakened, Mog, Kinny, Bobby, Maggie, Ursus, Plato, Lanesboro, Combat again finally, logistics&dragons2023-05-10 1 
5627454Core of Steel 03Beta deploys on a rescue mission, to rectify the mistakes of Command. Collective Game, Mecha, Core of Steel Quest, AI, Sci-fi2023-05-09 6 
5623493Mystery Investigation Sidequest: Impish WilesJubilee returns to Hell for a bit and gets her very own Imp servant. The building of a hellish empire beginsMystery Investigation, Gloomsday, Gloomy, Jubilee, Peekay2023-05-09 8 
5617991Humanity - Fuck Yeah! #19David heads back to Xebric station only to discover shit hit the fan.HFY, HFY Quest, Humanity, David Rockefeller, David, Cochrane, CochraneQM, Cat-Girl, Goblin, Shortstack, Collective Game, USA, Marine2023-05-08 22 
5618841Tai Lung Quest 28The trail to Ming leads to a dark forest. The fire Rises.Kung Fu Panda, Tai Lung quest, Redemption Quest, Storyteller Luo, Collective Game2023-05-07 3 
5617116Avatar Quest: Book One Sand #2Be Avatar. Do crimesCollective Game, Avatar, TLAB, Korra2023-05-07 7 
5617021The 2nd Primarch Quest 25Beneath sands long undisturbed, two sons of the emperor face off against the shadow cast by a race long deadCollective Game, Quest, The 2nd Primarch Quest, Primarch, Warhammer, Warhammer 40k, Warhammer 30k, Horus Heresy, Great Crusade, AU, Malal2023-05-05 23 
5616254The Dogbusters' March / Kuroinu Girlfriend 6In which Mouse goes to a party, meets some people and gets the gang together for a research sessionCollective Game, Kuroinu, Monster Protagonist, Usurper2023-05-04 1 
5611746Extremely Low Effort Fetish Isekai QuestA guy who died is turned into a spidergirl and sent to another world by a goddess who hates her. Or cares about her. Maybe both.Collective Game, Isekai, Arachne, Spidergirl2023-05-04 -4 
5636268MAGA Quest #3Disney is defeated and America is Made Great Again.Maga, Trump, America2023-05-04 1 
5611421DC: Henchman Quest #21We visit a hole in the middle of nowhere, get spiritual in more ways than one, and enter the final spot on our vacation.DC, Henchman, AxisQM, Gentleman Ghost2023-05-04 5 
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