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March 2023
87956630/tg/ makes a setting 41 - Empress on a Coin EditionAnons continue to discuss the world of GiantstepWorldbuilding, throw-shit-at-a-wall, worldbuilding, tg-makes-a-setting, Giantstep, Crumbling Giantstep2023-03-20 0 
88069752Meatwars fluff pt.1: Making Maps/tg/ begins hammering out the world of Meatwars, with several factions added, and a world built.Wordbuilding, Meatwars, Factions, Setting, Body horror,2023-03-20 0 
87927878MEATWARS Political Compass/Tg fills in a political compass that measures Flesh, Steel, Rot, and Robustness, and does a little worldbuildingSetting, Political Compass, Meatwars, Body horror, Worldbuilding2023-03-14 7 
87795959/tg/ makes a setting 40 - Weird Monsters Out of Nowhere Edition Anons continue to discuss the world of Giantstep.Worldbuilding, throw-shit-at-a-wall, worldbuilding, tg-makes-a-setting, Giantstep, Crumbling Giantstep2023-03-06 0 
87775238Biology in fantasy and sci-fiFantasy creatures discussed from the scientific point of view.Biology, Fantasy, Sci-fi, Monsters, Worldbuilding2023-03-04 1 
February 2023
87612096Magical Girl Games 2: Electric Boogaloo A second thread about weebs talking about Magical Girl themed campaigns. More arguing ensues. Will there be a part 3?Magical Girl, Anime, Kamen Rider, Worldbuilding, OVA, BESM, Setting Discussion, superheroes, magic2023-02-19 0 
87627406/tg/ makes a setting 39-2 - Greedy Gods and Goddess EditionAnons continue to discuss the world of Giantstep.Worldbuilding, throw-shit-at-wall, worldbuilding, tg-makes-a-setting, Giantstep, Crumbling Giantstep2023-02-15 0 
87572477Paleo Monster ThreadAnons discuss using extinct animals and plants as encounters. Autism ensues over scientific accuracy.Dinosaurs, Monsters, Worldbuilding, 2023-02-08 3 
87563268Magical Girl Games Anon watches Madoka and wants to run a Magical Girl themed campaign. Arguments, memes, and weebs arguing over stupid things.Magical Girl, Anime, Kamen Rider, Worldbuilding, OVA, BESM, Setting Discussion, superheroes, magic2023-02-04 0 
87550989/tg/ makes a setting 38 - Witch Supremacy Editionfor archival purposesthrow-shit-at-wall, worldbuilding, tg-makes-a-setting, Crumbling Giantstep 2023-02-01 0 
January 2023
87472712/tg/ makes a setting 0 Crumbiung Giantstep thread 39-1/tg/ makes a setting, it's a setting /tg/ makes, yeahCrumbling Giantstep, Feet2023-01-31 -3 
8743513840k Primarch Rolling Table #3Yet more rollan and loreAlternative lore, Warhammer 40k, rolling table2023-01-29 3 
87315526Mesoamerican FantasyDiscussion about Mesoamerican mythology, how to use it properly in a game, etc. etc.Mesoamerican, native, mexico, fantasy, art, mythology, nahua, aztec2023-01-22 3 
8738734540k Primarch Rolling Table #2Rollan more primarchs and writing more loreAlternative lore, Warhammer 40k, rolling table2023-01-19 4 
87388478/tg/ makes a setting 35 - Lore, lore, lore! Editionfor archival purposesthrow-shit-at-wall, worldbuilding, tg-makes-a-setting2023-01-17 -8 
87267880/tg/ makes a setting 34 - Moths the size of albatross editionfor archival purposesthrow-shit-at-wall, worldbuilding, tg-makes-a-setting2023-01-17 -8 
87277920Saving Private Mon'Keigh #2Mon'Keigh Eldar's attempts at preventing the Horus Heresystorytime, writefag, Eldar, Great Crusade, Not As Planned, Time Travel, 30k2023-01-09 31 
8724410440k Primarch Rolling TablesThe sequel to the original.Alternative lore, Warhammer 40k, rolling table2023-01-05 6 
87072460/tg/ makes a setting 32 - We need a bigger compass edition for archival purposesthrow-shit-at-wall, worldbuilding, tg-makes-a-setting2023-01-01 -5 
87171716/tg/ makes a setting 33 - Seasons Greetings editionfor archival purposesthrow-shit-at-wall, worldbuilding, tg-makes-a-setting2023-01-01 -5 
December 2022
86924239/tg/ makes a setting 31#2 - Just Alchemists having fun editionfor archival purposesthrow-shit-at-wall, worldbuilding, tg-makes-a-setting2022-12-19 -6 
86981801A.I. Art Is Way Too HornyOP asks how to incorporate AI generated writing and artwork into RPGs - but soon everyone notices how hilariously horny this AI seems to be.AI, AI art, Art, Drawfaggotry, Artificial Intelligence, Magical Realm, Horny2022-12-10 8 
86786745/tg/ makes a setting 31 - The fuck is a neepus? editionfor archival purposesthrow-shit-at-wall, worldbuilding, tg-makes-a-setting2022-12-04 -5 
86828272Valhallans on a Hive WorldThe Valhallan 545th armored have a routine deployment to a Hive World.IG, 40k, Orks, felinid,custodes,necrons,tyranids2022-12-04 7 
November 2022
86662491/tg/ makes a setting 30 - Smiling Gnoll editionfor archival purposesthrow-shit-at-wall, worldbuilding, tg-makes-a-setting2022-11-19 -6 
86570855Nechronica Thread: Halloween 2022 Scarlet March translation and storytimeFanbook Scarlet March is translated into English. PortAnon's England Storytime. Melico hatches crack a hostile information network.Nechronica, translation, Halloween, Storytime, Story Time, England, story, time, centipede, Coleo, Melico, Imp, England, port, heist, undead2022-11-15 1 
86641533The Kataki 409th Light Infantry are born.In which /tg/ rolls up an elite volunteer crackshot regiment from the mountainous agriworld of Kataki Secundus, and some lore is hashed outWarhammer 40k, 40k, IG, Imperial Guard, Homebrew2022-11-11 14 
86597318Hell on Koronus A penal legionnaire's tale40k,warhammer,IG,writefaggotry,guardsmen2022-11-04 5 
October 2022
86504173/tg/ makes a setting 29 - We still need more dates editionfor archival purposesthrow-shit-at-wall, worldbuilding, tg-makes-a-setting2022-10-31 -4 
86462670Avian Autist Anon's quality derailmentA thread where an avian autist derails a thread to give cool bird factsbird, derail, avian2022-10-24 19 
86396858/tg/ rolls up another imperial guard regimentLike the title says. I think this is the second one.Collective game, 40k2022-10-18 0 
86390441The All Guardsmen Party Interlude: DebriefDon't worry, everything's going Just As Planned. Or it WOULD BE IF YOU HADN'T-All Guardsmen Party, Storytime, Dark Heresy, 40k, Warhammer, Story, Shoggy, Only War, Guardsmen, Guardsman, Adeptus Mechanicus, Inquisition2022-10-16 40 
86355397/tg/ makes a setting 28 - Vengeful spirits from the pastfor archival purposesthrow-shit-at-wall, worldbuilding, tg-makes-a-setting2022-10-13 -2 
86258892/tg/ makes a setting 27 - Lucy's present to the Emperor Editionfor archival purposesthrow-shit-at-wall, worldbuilding, tg-makes-a-setting2022-10-05 -2 
86174598What if the soviet union had developed a tabletop RPG culture?In an alternate timeline, Gycakovich and Arnesov invent D&D in the 1974 Soviet Union instead of the US.alternate history, soviet union, D&D, system, slavic mythology,2022-10-04 5 
September 2022
86105763some philosophical debateWhich D&D classes would make the ideal waifus?D&D, roleplay, classes, best girl,2022-09-27 3 
86150840/tg/ makes a setting 26 - Good dogs and puking cats Editionfor archival purposesthrow-shit-at-wall, worldbuilding, tg-makes-a-setting2022-09-25 1 
86019558Valhallans on a desert world againValhallans, Tempestus Scions, and Imperial Knights fight Eldar, Orks, and Chaos for a webway gate.IG, 40k, Orks, felinid, imperial knight, writefaggotry2022-09-20 6 
85981707OP learns how to text RP/tg/ teaches him an important lessonrape2022-09-11 5 
85797761Comfy/Wholesome/Bittersweet ThreadAnons share bittersweet moments from their games & settings; One anon shares a bronze-age world of black winters and Hearth-Mothers.worldbuilding, setting, winter, snow, cozy, comfy, bittersweet2022-09-11 0 
85795737What would the state of the world be like after centuries of industrial warfare?Worldbuilding for a thematically different post-apoc game from a more standard nuclear wasteland.ww1, ww2, world war, worldbuilding, setting, trench, dieselpunk,2022-09-08 7 
85758373/tg/ draws a dungeonAnons draw dungeon rooms. The rooms get progressively more bizarre as time goes onDrawfaggotry, Dungeon2022-09-06 5 
85887781How can OP put giantesses in his setting without being horny?/tg/ assists OP in trying to help insert giantess stuff, actually does a pretty good job.Setting discussion, Giantess, not!porn (probably)2022-09-05 0 
85845122>would you like to upgrade your roll to a Nat20™ for $1.99?/tg/ pontificates on the games-as-services hellscape that WotC plans to implement in the near future.dndone, 6E, WotC, corporate bootlickers, dndrones2022-09-02 1 
85804514Really Short Swords: a TreatiseSmaller weapons are more nimble and therefore better, right? Anon demonstrates how YOU can shortify your weapons, with pictures!Weapons, swords, short swords, photoshop2022-09-01 10 
August 2022
85854233Fantasy races react to humans for the first time./tg/ wonders what the first few thoughts of a fantasy race would be upon seeing humans for the first time.Fantasy races, Hobbits, Setting2022-08-31 1 
85841337On Topic PepesAnon makes a whole heap of 40k themed pepes40k, meme, pepe2022-08-30 6 
85836814Your medieval-era party does show proper deference to the nobility, right anon?/tg/ talks about divine right to rule in-game, evolves into a discussion about the divine right to rule and John Brown.Setting discussion, Divine right, John Brown, Unintentional slavery2022-08-30 1 
85661451Comfy spaceship setting buildingStarship talismans, fermented foods and courier families - A /tg/ collective of lore snippets and fluff for a comfy spacefaring game.fluff, cozy, space, worldbuilding,2022-08-24 6 
85733277OP finds porn of his characterI made a looks-18-but-really-45 Tiefling Cleric in PF, ERPd with another player, and he had porn made of my character?!Pathfinder, Tiefling, Cleric, wat do2022-08-21 32 
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