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[#] Razamon, Barbarian of the North
12:34pm EDT - 10/17/2008
One of the things I really enjoy about my gaming group, is the cultural diversity amongst other things. This small story pertains to a friend of mine, who will be referred to as Gahgoosh; for his continuous use of the word to express his excitement while role playing his sword slashes. Now, let it be known, that Gahgoosh is one of the few exceptions to the fa/tg/uys that sit down and chuck some dice. This dude pumps iron when he's not at a game store and sells stuff for Lowe's, with the occasional loading and unloading the appliances and what not.

Well, in any case, onto the story...

As the game began, this was the 4th or 5th session in the campaign, whereas it would've been his first time in this game at all. We were playing a fun and diplomatic game in the Eberron setting of D&D. Throughout the first few games, the party got to know each other, and figured out that we were lacking a bit on the raw power side during battles (my cleric being the closest to a fighter than the rest.) Naturally, we weren't worried, for Gahgoosh was to join the party later.

Character introduction took place in the far north, a few miles away from the mountain range, a frozen plains where many a tribes of Frost Giants, Ice Trolls, and many others would inhabit.

While tracking down a fugitive that was charged for the murder of the Marquis in a city near to Sharn, we stumbled upon the remains of a massacre. A shifter village slaughtered, with only a single survivor (as much as Mary Sue this may sound, Gahgoosh didn't make his back story, the GM spurred it on the fly.) After tending his wounds and talking for a few hours, we all came to the realization that our quarry was somehow linked to the attack that caused his agonizing problem. Having lost family and home, Gahgoosh joins us in search of the traitorous Half-Orc and claim revenge for his now deceased tribe, and this is his speech unto us:

"My name is Razamon Thickhide. I am a shifter warrior of the now deceased Stone Maw clan. Let my blade serve you on our entwined path. Let it be known that no one shall stand in our prey, and he who does, BEWARE! For my sword thirsts for blood and I hunger for Man's Meat...!"

And he bacame silent, as he realized what he just said.

"Wait...that...that came out wrong..."

Up until this day, this is one of the unforgettable stories of Gahgoosh.


Alright guys. I'm the new guy here, in regards to the postans on this website. Hopefully I'll be of some use and be able to take loads off other people's shoulders in regards to updating stuff.

In any case, send me your stories to my email. If you've got a funny one or an example of a bad player/GM, send it to me and I can upload it. Share it to the rest and see how others respond to it!

Later Guys!



Great RP Moments.


1 Coyote
01:01pm UTC - 10/17/2008 [X]
An epic tale of one man's quest for Epic Tail?

07:04pm UTC - 10/17/2008 [X]
Now that was just bad.

3 Issyl
06:16pm UTC - 10/20/2008 [X]
i loled.

4 Lode
02:22am UTC - 10/24/2008 [X]


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