[#] Movie night, eh?
12:09am UTC - 10/05/2008
Let's see if you can manage it without reducing the server to a puddle of MOLTEN FUCKING METAL, shizbitch.

Now, good horror, let's see... Ghost Ship wasn't that great, but honestly managed a couple of creepy/shock-y moments despite it. Storm of the Century is pretty low-key, but has some eerie as fuck parts. If you judge horror by how many burning, scarred and still-smoking holes it leaves burned into your brain, then I suppose you could watch Species. If you want a laugh masquerading as a scare, check out House and House 2, just be prepared for everything being completely fucking absurd. Cube could be interpreted as horror, it's not exactly SCARY as such, but it'll leave you pretty on edge and what it has does NOT rely on shock in any form or fashion.

Brazil, too, is not exactly "horror," but it has a lot of psychological elements that can unhinge you a bit if you think about them too much. Misery was more brainbreaking as a book, but a damn good movie despite it. And Needful Things is definitely worth a watch.

Hey, check it out, at some point we might even get around to talking about horror RPG's, eh?

Mind, that's an interesting thing. There are plenty of horror-ish-themed Pen and Paper RPG's, but I can't recall a single video game RPG where horror was the main element. I mean, sure, there's always the obligatory sewer level, and sometimes you have to enter a haunted house. But not an actual horror focus throughout the entire game.

We do have horror GAMES, look at Silent Hill, but just not really any horror RPG's I can recall. Who knows, maybe they've all slipped under my radar.

PS: LL, dare you to beat my fucking demon spider clown.


Bizbam, who's in charge now, little lady?



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