[#] New Article Posted
03:00am UTC - 1/10/2014
It's been a long while since the "reviews and ramblings" have been updated and I suspect it might go completely unnoticed without this post, so, here you guys go!

It's a review of Eclipse Phase!

Featuring me being a cranky old man.



1 Anonymous
12:52am UTC - 1/11/2014 [X]
Is the idiot who keeps misarchiving shit quest threads under shit names ever going to get blocked?

2 Anonymous
06:35am UTC - 1/11/2014 [X]
Is the idiot who keeps archiving shit quest threads ever going to get blocked?

3 Anonymous
08:36am UTC - 1/11/2014 [X]
I already mentioned him, actually.

4 Knee Grows
08:14pm UTC - 4/19/2014 [X]
You need to put any instance of "shame" or "lwys" in a filter so that it permabans whoever archives threads with such niggeries and are unable to even access the site (The fucking apes don't deserve it)


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