[#] Yay October!
10:43am UTC - 10/01/2008

It's October first today, which means it's time to start delicious horrorfest. I'm going to try to watch a horror movie every night if possible, probably starting off with The Haunting from 1964. (Yes, that's right, the original, not the massively over-budgeted special effects shitpile from a few years ago.) I'm also going to finally sit down and actually finish reading the works of H.P. Lovecraft, which I've had in ebook form forever but never finished.

Speaking of which, I'm also going to play the shit out of Arkham Horror... which is starting to inspire me to make a short browser-based game. I've loved randomly-generated events since I wrote a dungeon crawler on my TI-83 in high school (which included creepy events such as "The paintings seem to watch you as you pass"); now that I've refreshed myself on Javascript thanks to the generators, I can probably whip up a short little Lovecraftian browser game. We'll see, though, there are a lot of projects I need to complete (still need to set up the Maid RPG character database) before I can work on this one.

I've also got delicious candy corn, so, bonus. Mmm, candy corn. Maybe I'll update the site's CSS for a Halloween theme... no, will make changes later, it's 4:42am, must sleep damnit!

~Lord Licorice

Where we're going, we won't need eyes to see.



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