[#] DH Chargen Bugfix
10:40am UTC - 5/10/2010

It's been a quiet month, site-wise. I finally fixed the Battlefield Calixis bug in the chargen and deleted characters created before January 1, 2010, removing 16,497 entries. I also parsed and compressed another 9GB of logs from the same day 'til present (goddamn do I get a fair amount of traffic).

Nothing else much to report, other than we've got a guild on Guild Wars now. Jump into #guildwars if you're interested. Writing the Eclipse Phase character generator and adding characters from Ascension and The Radical's Handbook to the Dark Heresy chargen have been on my mind, but I've been pretty busy with work and other things. I do fully intend to get these things done one day, you'll see!

I can't think of much else to report. I also need to remember to pageinate the archive, at least when you're filtering it (so it doesn't show hundreds of entries all at once); instead of showing the last month, maybe it should just show the last 50 entries. I'm not sure how I'd like to reorganize it, but it needs organization. (And yes, this will include deciding if I want to finally put Quests in another section, or maybe just have a checkbox that lets you filter out quests specifically.)

~Lord Licorice



1 theMexican
07:23pm UTC - 5/11/2010 [X]
<3 LL

I also appreciate you.

<3 Everyday is LL appreciation day! Yay!

01:37am UTC - 5/22/2010 [X]

12:39am UTC - 5/23/2010 [X]
Really looking forward to an EP chargen!

11:04pm UTC - 5/23/2010 [X]
We hit the 10,000,000 get, and now the archive's not allowing more posts. Easy fix, right?

11:05pm UTC - 5/23/2010 [X]
^ I mean, not allowing more threads to be added.

6 Foxphoenix135
11:02pm UTC - 5/29/2010 [X]
I'm loving the DH chargen. Question though, are you planning on adding the radical's handbook options? As of yet I cannot find a chargen utility for DH that uses those options.

7 Foxphoenix135
11:04pm UTC - 5/29/2010 [X]
Me again... I need to learn to read. Ignore my previous request and just read the compliment!

06:52am UTC - 6/01/2010 [X]
Thanks for fixing the 10mil thing. Just thought I say that.

06:48am UTC - 6/05/2010 [X]
Have trouble, can't access archives. Is this a problem on my end?


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