[#] Site Migration Soon!™
09:02am UTC - 11/08/2021

Another year's gone by, and another Axetoberfest gone too soon. Like the previous posts state, we're actually still very much alive, just on IRC/Discord mainly these days. I'm not even sure how many of you will even read this message! Still, it's good to let people know we're still going. It's been... a long time honestly.

Before I start waxing poetic, this is just a notice that we'll be transferring to a new VPS very soon. This shouldn't mean anything to usual archive-goers, but it may mean temporary downtime while the shift is performed. This may include disabling new archive entries for a little while, though I don't expect any extended downtime (and the old server will stay up until the new one is completed, regardless).

In addition to just moving some 14 years' worth of /tg/ over, I also need to rewrite a lot of the site for new PHP versions and such, so that will take time as well. Things might break for a bit after the move, though most of the services on this site have gone away, so again, I'm not sure what might even get noticed. In any event, we'll be on Discord/IRC (the IRC is moving too, so maybe hit Discord first).

~Lord Licorice



1 Anon
06:25am UTC - 2/11/2022 [X]
Well, I hope this stuff is working now.


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